Prémiere wedding animalier en France entrainement pour chien au portage des alliances  


Officiante de cérémonies - Wedding planner

Unite by the links work for your happiness! What you will want, You will have him! Ask.
To validate your reservation, a payment of 30 % of the total price are necessary, then pay it several times if you wish. You will have heaps of the other things to be thought and to be made let I occupy me of your ceremony ..

Partner of Partner of
Partner of Miss Dentelle
Partner of Marié
Your ceremony of laic marriage in the place of your choice!

"Mon Amour" 800 euros
Marriage as in the United States: about is the place, at the edge of sea, in the campaign(countryside), in the ski, etc.,
My way of working: I like working in a transparent way, you connaitrez persons receiving benefits name(providers' name) and their exact price(prize). You can so manage your spending(expenses) in a much more serene way. I would be the D-day, in the place of reception, before the guests and I stay to at the end.

The misse ready(in position) of chairs up to 100 guests is understood(included) in the price list(rate) of the ceremony, because it is a member(part) the main part of its good progress, him(it) also go away for the decoration along the carpet(mat). (Knot of chair at my expense(under my responsibility))

No particular requirement as for the number of times when we have to see itself before the ceremony, we can see itself

Tradition Amérindienne 4500 euros
Exclusivity from United by the links.

? A Teepee: laic Ceremony dislocates with a teepee "sewing".
Everything is hand-made, decorated with jewels, flowers, shells, accessories, laces, if lightning at night ..

An Officiating priest Amerindian: come from America to marry you, a marriage, a traditional Amerindian, rites, dances, live a unique and magic moment, a marriage laic as in America, rites, translator, marriage certificate. Unique in France, we are the only ones to offer such a privilege, I propose you the most exotic marriage which you nor anybody has still never seen of this quoted of the world.
Total disorientation.

Tipi bohème-chic 2000 euros
Your laic ceremony in an Indian teepee, built for your event, sewn hand, your ceremony of commitment on a beach, a corner of bit, inside ... Your officiating sister, included sound system, marriage certificate and visitors' book.
A teepee to tell you "yes", a traditional carpet or in petals of flowers, preparation and procedure for the ceremony the D-Day,
The teepee can serve as space photo booth, it can turn away in candied bar by fitting out objects.

Memories: retorts miniature of your teepee for all your guests on request.
The teepee: made with noble materials, floated wood, bamboo, fabrics, flowers, several ornamental accessories, if lightning at night, laces, pearls, shells and everything to return the comfortable, sophisticated, functional teepee.

Mariage Dolce 450 euros
Your officiating sister, your ceremony, your laic marriage certificate.
Your ceremony such as you have him to dream.
Information: you organized everything, you have your decoration, your arc or altar, you thought has everything. I take care of the ceremony, its construction, its progress the D-Day.

The D-Day: ceremony, white or red Carpet, 950 rose petals dare his are fresh, a mini bouquet in flower of season for every chair, your marriage certificate, a visitors' book.
We can see each other once before your marriage, but we can also communicate by e-mail, skype, etc.

Animation Lanternes Volantes 270 euros
Animation huge flying lanterns: a very very beautiful show(entertainment) for you and your guests, a magic moment.
All the lanterns which I propose you are for the European and fire-guard standards, authorized even in summer by city halls, however we cannot throw(launch) them near an airport and in certain cities can depend on the drought of the ground and the period of the year, the very beautiful landscape flooding the sky of newlyweds!
Precaution: a lantern is very big, she must be lit(switched on) and have held by two adults necessarily, the children can stay in quoted(esteemed) by you and help you to release(leave) them because it is even more beautiful if you fly them by several has the same time(weather) it is a rather particular and moving moment.
Councils(Advises): I advice(council) to make this animation to close

Lanternes flottantes 300 euros
Put on your swimming pool, your pond or your pond, the magic and magic effect will be guaranteed. In the shape of flower divert(hijack) its use(custom) to decorate and illuminate all your table centerpieces.
In the shape of Chinese lantern for a poetic and magic show(entertainment) of which we do not grow tired.
Have your lanterns before the event or let me install(settle) them the D-day.
Council(Advise): brilliant to light(enlighten) a swimming pool, them exist in the shape of flower and squares. It is very beautiful and the used paper cannot catch fire.

Custom-made flower arrangings

He(It) adorned that the floral decorators are more difficult has to find but can be cheaper, because they often have no shop to be paid and work from their home.
The difference is that the work is centered a lot on the direction(fabrication), as the fashion designer(dressmaker) and the creator, they make that for a various reason, a passion (romantic, etc.) and the florists, know how to make traditional bouquets.
I am in the Var, which proposes us, all year round, Rose, lilies, buttercups, peonies, turmeric, lysianthus, anemones, strelitzias gladiolas, immortal. The list is too long.

Provence my love

The advantage in Provence is that flowers are great available all year round and we have the biggest flower market of France.